Hygger Large Aquarium Filter Media – Ceramic Bio Media Blocks (40 Pieces)

Hygger Large Aquarium Filter Media – Ceramic Bio Media Blocks (40 Pieces)

Improve water quality and clarity
Large surface area for raising good stuff
Mechanical filtration & biological filtration
Reusable, just rinse them occasionally and put them back in the tank
For fresh water aquariums, sumps, aquaculture and ponds


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 Packing List

  • Aquarium filter media x40
Question:What makes this product refresh water only ?

Answer:  1. Nitrifying bacteria – These bacteria eat ammonia and nitrites. They require oxygen in the water to live. Nitrifying bacteria live on the surface of objects in your aquarium. 2. Denitrifying bacteria – These bacteria eat nitrates. They will only survive if no oxygen is present. Denitrifying bacteria live inside rock, ceramic and other porous materials where no air is present.

By usmagob SELLER on December 4, 2021

Question:Can i put these inside my 38 gallon shrimp aquarium or are they for inside a filter only?

Answer:  We suggest to put it inside filter. Thanks.

By usmagob SELLER on December 2, 2021

Question:Will these work for both freshwater and saltwater?

Answer:  It can only work for freshwater aquarium. Put it into saltwater aquarium will increase the level of nitrite. So, we do not suggest to use it in saltwater. Thanks.

By usmagob SELLER on June 27, 2021

Question:Has anyone used this as thier only mechanical & bio filter? It says it can be used as both...

Answer:  I would not. I have mine in a overstocked cichlid tank with a sump. I have sockfilter to remove large debree right before a wall of these blocks.

By Jane on June 28, 2021


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