Hygger 908 Single Sponge Aquarium Filter

Hygger 908 Single Sponge Aquarium Filter

Single Sponge Aquarium Filter
Super quiet and more delicate bubbles
More efficient and durable
Help your little fish or shrimp live a happy life
Ideal for use in 5-15 gallon fish tanks
Detachable parts & easy to use


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Hygger single sponge aquarium filter, must be used with an aquarium air pump, is for small size 0.5 to 5 gallon fish tank or fish bowls use,as additional bio filtration to your aquarium.The filter working isn’t something that is really visible, its primary use is to promote beneficial nitrifying bacteri growth in the tank to help break ammonia down to nitrites and nitrites down to nitrates.

Healthy tank bacteri recycle will make the aquarium water more clear and in good quality, which in turns to make your little fish, shrimp live a healthy and happy life.

Other features of this sponge filters:
– Comes with 1 spare fine sponge.
– With strong suction cup, can be easily hidden on the back wall of the aquarium.
– Easy to install and clean.
– Filter parts are detachable.
– The air water outlet tube is telescopic, can be adjusted above the water line or below.
– Creates small and slow movements in the water.
– Add more air into water when water outlet is under water.

Directions for use
1. For new tank, your water might be cycling. Don’t add a lot of fish right away and wait it out.
2. An established tank (been up and running with fish in it for at least a month or two. running your old filter along with the this one until it has a chance to have beneficial bacteri.
3. Cloudy tank is common due to your tank bacteri recycle.
4. Need an aquarium air pump and airline hose (4mm).

1. Clean the sponge once a month or so.
2. Wash the filter with aquarium water, don’t use the tap water.
3. Rinse and squeeze repetitively at least 5 to 10 times till you see no more dirty water coming out of the sponge. Repeat for 2 to 3 more days till aquarium has crystal clear water.

 Warm Tips to Use the Aquarium Filter

1. When using for the first time, squeeze the sponge filter into the water tank for 5 minutes, which makes it easy to filter.

2. Use the water in the aquarium instead of tap water when washing the sponge.

3. It is recommended to replace the sponge and bio ceramic balls every 6-8 months.

4. This aquarium filter needs to be equipped with an separate air pump.

 Packing List

  • single mini sponge filter x1
  • Spare sponge x1
  • Suction cup x1

 Usre Manual

Usre Manual

Question:Can the sponge be oriented to the left of the tube?
Answer:  Hi, no, the sponge can't be oriented to the left of the tube.

By petfocused SELLER on February 8, 2021

Question:Does this require a specific size tubing? I have standard tubing that I use for all my other equipment but it doesnt fit on this filter.
Answer:  Soak the inserting tip of the tubing in hot water for about 30 seconds before you slip it on. This softens the tubing making it easier to slip over any fitting. I usually warm up some hot water in the microwave oven in a coffee cup and dip the tubing in it. All tubing and fitting sizes vary slightly from manufacture.

By Steven on Janson 27, 2021

Question:How often would one replace the sponge in a 6g shrimp tank? if cleaned regularly.
Answer:  I’ve had it in 10g shrimp tank clean it about every 2 weeks and have never had to replace the sponges the second sponge they send I recommend keeping in your tank for bacteria growth then swap them out and clean off the used one keeping both in your tank but only one connected to the filter.

By Steven on July 27, 2021

Question:Will this thing trap floating debris//dust and whatever else?
Answer:Hi, the sponge can trap dust in water.
Answer:  Hi, the sponge can trap dust in water.

By petfocused SELLER on February 15, 2021


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