Hygger Hand-Operated Pumps Aquarium Water Changer


Hygger Hand-Operated Pumps Aquarium Water Changer

3-in-1 Water changing, sand washing and dirt absorption
Easy to assemble and use
Ultra-quiet and powerful
Suitable for small and large aquariums
Air-pressing button
Water hose controller clamp
Adjustable handle and extensable tube design


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 Warm Tips for Using the Aquarium Gravel Cleaner

1. The principle of this sand cleaner is gravity. The water outlet must be at least 19 inches lower than the water inlet when you use this gravel cleaner.

2. Due to manual measurement and length conversion, 1/10’’ to 1/2’’ error is allowed. Please in kind prevail.

3. Due to different strengths of different person, and the size and water depth of the fish tank, there is no clear drain flow rate. Please refer to the actual operation.

4. When washing sand: If the filter from your fish tank is powerful, you can put the outlet hose into the fish tank, and the sand is circulated in the tank without draining water. If not, it is recommended to remove turbid water directly from the tank and change clean water.

5. When too much gravel is sucked in and is about to reach or reach the top of the tube (near the filter port), lift the hard tube slightly and the gravel will fall back into the fish tank.

6. Do not use the gravel cleaner in flammable and corrosive liquid.

7. To avoid material damage, do not use the water changer in too hot (above 36°C / 86°F) or too cold (under 0°C / 32°F) water.

 Product Parameters

Model Material Outlet Strap Hose PVC Water Hose Outer Diameter PVC Water Hose Inner Diameter Extension Tube Diameter
HG-956 PP+ABS 79 inches long 0.7 inch 0.55 inch 1-1/8 inch

 Packing List

  • Air-pressing Control Body x1
  • Extension Inlet Tube x2
  • Extension Tube Connector x1
  • User Manual x1
  • Duckbill Suction Inlet (Debris Vacuum) x1
  • Outlet Hose (79-inch PVC Hose) x1
  • Water Flow Clamp (Flow Control Valve) x1
  • Fixture Clamp (Water Pipe Clamp) x1

 Usre Manual

Usre Manual

Question:Inlet tube size (dia)?
Answer:  Hello, the inner diameter is 0.98in and the outer diameter is 1.06in, thank you.

By Jnkany SELLER on August 3, 2021
Question:How long is the hose that can connect to a water source?
Answer:  This product cannot be used directly connected to a water source. It can only be used for water in the tank and barrel, because it uses the siphon principle. The included hose is 97in long.

By Jnkany SELLER on March 5, 2021
Question:How to keep it from sucking up gravel then getting stuck in the tub ?
Answer:  Hello, after absorbing a part of the sand or gravel, raise the tube to wash the sand. Do not insert it into the gravel all the time.
① To isnert the tube into the sand to suck the sand (not too much);
② Slightly lift the equipment to move the sand horizontally for wash;
③ Lift the height of the tube again to return the washed sand;
④ The sand washing is circulated in this way.

By Jnkany SELLER on March 12, 2021
Question:Can you this to clean a 20 gallon tank with rock?
Answer:  I'm assuming you mean gravel when you say rock. Never the less, yes this will clean a 20 gallon tank with ease! I'm using mine on a 125 gal tank and I'm very pleased with the results.

By Customer on June 7, 2022


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