hygger Easy Clean Fish Tank Cleaner, 6 in 1 Aquarium Cleaning Tools Kit with Long Handle Algea Scraper Sponge Scrubber Firm Scrub Brush Fish Net Gravel Rake for Acrylic & Glass Tank

hygger Easy Clean Fish Tank Cleaner, 6 in 1 Aquarium Cleaning Tools Kit with Long Handle Algea Scraper Sponge Scrubber Firm Scrub Brush Fish Net Gravel Rake for Acrylic & Glass Tank

【Efficient Tools For Aquarium Cleaning】hygger aquarium cleaning tools kit makes it much easier to do maintenance, great for keeping your fish tank clean, both the glass and the sand, long handle saves you the trouble from getting hands in the tank. 6-in-1 cleaning kit includes a long handle, a razor-scraper (with a guard), a fish net, a bristles brush, a replaceable sponge, a gravel rake and a V-shaped fork

【6-IN-1 Multifunctional Attachments】Metal algea scraper for getting the tough buildup off, big fish net for picking up waste or transferring fish into a temporary tank, firm scrub brush for sweeping air stone, powerhead surface and back corners, sponge pad for scrubbing glass surface, gravel rake for combing the sand, gravel and loosening the substrate soil while the V-shaped fork an added tools for reset plants.

【Upgraded Tough Scrub Sponge】Scrub pad is upgraded with two layers of sponge tough on top which could cleaning the algea quickly and effectively without scratching wall, suitable for glass fish tank and acrylic fish tanks. Fastener design is easy to replace, cut a new piece from a proper sponge and hook it on.

【Ergonomic Handle】17.7 inch long handle is comfortable to hold which makes the tough scrubbing much easier. And each handle features a small hole at the handle end for hanging option which allows for air dry. Suitable for small-to-medium-sized aquariums.

【Easy To Interchange & Use】Easy to change head without tools. Just mount the head into handle and screw it tight. The sponge and brush head can be adjusted for tightness through an internal hexagon wrench to avoid shaking around while cleaning.


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 Product Parameters

model size dimension Handle Length
HG072 S 17.4" x6.3" x2.2" 17.7 inches Long
M 17.4" x 7.8" x 2.1" Extend 17.5 inches to 28.7 inches

 Packing List

  • Handle x1
  • Gravel Rake x1
  • Algea Scraper x1
  • Spare Metal Bladex1
  • Sponge Cleaner x1
  • Cleaning Brush x1
  • Fish Net x1
  • V-shape Fork x1
  • Hexagon Wrench x1
  • User Manual x1
Question:How do you change the number of meals from the three in the factory preset? I want to feed only once a day.
Answer:  Just set once, skip the other, don’t put a time and it will only feed once.

By Shoot smart on September 10, 2021
Question:Can I use if on a Fish tank ?
Answer:  No, it is waaaaay too big for a tank, pond use primarily, I have a 4500 gal pond and it is large for my pond!

By Ovate on August 26, 2021
Question:Is the new version now waterproof ? Strangely it says it's made for outdoor use and the finer print below says do not get it wet.
Answer:  Yes, it is waterproof now. Although we suggest to make a shelter for the controller incase any damage.

By usmagob SELLER on April 27, 2022
Question:My feeder does not feed at programed times. manual feed works and clock works. but it won't feed on schedule. is there a setting that i am missing.
Answer:  In my experience and use, this product works on military time, example, my setup is on 4hour schedule. The display shows the
# 1-07 #2 11 hundred hrs, #3 1500 hrs
# 4-1900 hundred hours. It is constance with the pre-set program. I hope this helps.

Robert Brown · August 10, 2021
Question:how much food is dispensed by cup measurement?
Answer:  Half a cup.

Shoot smart · June 4, 2022


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