Hygger Adjustable ECO Aquarium Air Pump

Hygger Adjustable ECO Aquarium Air Pump

Adjustable oxygen pump
Double air outlets
Stable and durable
Noise reduction motor
Adjustable air pump
ABS environmentally-friendly plastic case


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 Warm Tips

1. The pump is not submersible, please keep it dry and do not put it into the aquarium.

2. To get the maximum airflow and extend air pump service life, it is suggested to clean the air tube and air stone regularly.

3. For the 5 W air pump, it is recommended to connect 3 devices at most, and the water depth cannot exceed 5 feet.

4. For the 10 W air pump, it is recommended to connect 4 devices at most, and the water depth cannot exceed 6 feet.

 Product Parameters

Model Power Voltage Max Air Flow Water Depth Noise Pressure Dimension Appicable Tank Size
HG-946 5 W AC 110-120 V, 60 Hz 160 GPH 5 Feet <30 dB 0.02 MPa 4.7"×3.9"×3.5" Up to 150 Gal
10 W AC 110-120 V, 60 Hz 255 GPH 6 Feet <30 dB 0.04 MPa 7.5''x5.1''x3.9 Up to 600 Gal

 Packing List

  • Adjustable Dual Port Air Pump x1
  • User Manual x1

 Usre Manual

Usre Manual

Question:What is the main difference between the 10 watt version and the 5 watt version ?
Answer:  10 watts has 2X the power of a 5 watt motor. I run the 10 watt to operate the under gravel filter on a 55 gallon Chiclid tank and it puts out more than enough air to get the job done . If you have a small tank like a 20 gallon or less get the 5 watt the10 watt will be overkill.

By usmagob SELLER on April 20, 2021
Question:Can I use a gang valve to shut off one of the outlets?
Answer:  I inserted an inline valve to both of the lines so I can control the exact amount of air to each device, or shut one off completely.

By Bop on April 13, 2021
Question:Is the air pump quiet?
Answer:  It’s the quietest pump I’ve ever used. I use it to pump air through 50 feet of tubing out to our fish pond. About every time I walk past it I often touch it to see if it’s running because I can’t see the bubblier from where the pump is and it’s so quiet I can’t hear it running. I love the control knob on it too.

By Dave on September 13, 2021
Question:Can I use it for a sponge filter?
Answer:  Hello, you can use it for sponge filters. Thank you.

By Jnkany SELLER on October 30, 2021


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