Hygger Mini Air Pump


Hygger Mini Air Pump

Compact design
Easy to install and use
Build in a thin piezoelectric ceramic plate to reduce noise and keep ultra-quiet


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 Directions for Use

Step 1: Soak air stone for about 1-2 hours before use.

Step 2: Connect air stone to air tube.

Step 3: Connect air tube to air pump outlet.

Step 4: Attach air pump onto the outside wall of aquarium tank. Please locate the pump above water level to avoid any possible water counter flow.

Step 5: Immerse air stone into aquarium tank.

Step 6: Connect power adapter to electricity socket. And you are good to go.

 Product Parameters

Model Power Max Flow Rate Voltage Noise Pressure Air Tube Dimension
HG-811 1.5 W 420 ML/Min 110-120 V, 50-60Hz < 35 dB 12 KPa 4 mm (3/16 inch) 2.4 x 2.4 x 0.8 (inch)

 Packing List

  • Air Pump with Power Adapter x1
  • Air Stone x1
  • Double-sided Suction Cup x1
  • Silicone Air Tube (3.6 Feet Long) x1
  • Clip x1
  • User manual x1

 Usre Manual

Usre Manual

Question:What the size of aquarium tank for this mini fish air pump?
Answer:  We recommend use this mini pump for 1-10 gallon tank. Maximum up to 15 gallon. Thanks.

By usmagob SELLER on October 27, 2021
Question:Does it have to be clipped to tank or can it sit out on flat surface next to tank? Just confused because everything talks about attaching it to tank.
Answer:  Mine doesn’t have a clip. It’s just been lying flat and it works just fine. It doesn’t have to be attached to the tank.

By slamnation SELLER on December 27, 2021
Question:What’s the difference between this and a filter?
Answer:  The only thing this does is pump air! A filter moves water through filtering media such as charcoal, filter sponges, filter floss, and bio balls, activated carbon, etc. Most filters have their own motors, and a few filters need an air pump. But this by itself is not a filter.

By Elizabeth on August 30, 2021
Question:What is the size of the air stone in this kit?
Answer:  Measures dia 2.2cm ball shape air stone. Thanks.

By usmagob SELLER on January 19, 2021
Question:Does the pump make an annoying buzzing noice? Is it really quiet enough for my nano bedroom aquarium?
Answer:  Mine is not silent. I hear a constant annoying hum from mine in the bedroom 8 feet away from my bed. I can't seem to make it silent.

By JS on June 23, 2021


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