Hygger 978 Advanced Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light


Hygger 978 Advanced Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light

Premium 5050 & RGB LED bulbs
Full-spectrum LED light
Adjustable timer
Unique lighting blend and 24/7 mode
Extendable brackets
Highly efficient safety power supply saves energy
Aluminum housing
Suitable for plants and freshwater aquariums


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 Product Parameters

Model HG-978
Power 14W 18W 22W 26W 36W 42W
Output Voltage DC 20 V
Input Voltage AC 100-240 V
LED Quantity (Pcs) 58 98 115 138 158 215
Light Size 12" 18" 24" 30" 36" 48"
Applicable Fish Tank Length 12"-18" 18"-24" 24-30" 30"-36" 36"-42" 48"-54"
Power Cord Length 5.9 Feet + 2.3 Feet 5.9 Feet + 2.3 Feet

 Packing List

  • LED Light x1
  • AC/DC Power Adaptor x1
  • Metal Brackets x2
  • User Manual x1

 Usre Manual

Usre Manual

Question:Question:What size will fit a 36 gallon bow front? 30.7 in l x 15.7 in w x 22.2. would it be the 26w? or none are compatible?

Answer:  yes, 26W is ok.
14W for 12~18inch long tank
18W for 18~24inch long tank
22W for 24~30inch long tank
26W for 30~36inch long tank
36W for 36~42inch long tank
42W for 48~54inch long tank

By Jnkany SELLER on November 8, 2021

Question:Will the 36W for 36~42inch light fit an aquarium with 35.5" width or will the extendable bracket not latch/overshoot?
Answer:  the 36W for 36~42inch light fit an aquarium with 35.5" width.
36~42inch means the shortest distance and the maximum distance that can be stretched. The lamp bracket can be stretched.By Jnkany SELLER on November 9, 2021
Question:Is the night light ok or would fish like complete darkness at night?

Answer:  I would think fish like complete darkness in order to sleep. Even nocturnal fish don’t require any lighting to feed at night. I chose this lighting system for the 24/7 mode. The lighting gradually dims and goes completely dark at a predetermined time. Just set it and forget it.

Bino E. · July 10, 2021

Question:Can I use Red light only without timer ( always on )? Thank you

Answer:  most certainly,and you can adjust the brightness of the red. just remember to turn it off at night...the fish need to sleep.

bradford h morris · October 5, 2021


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