Hygger Mini DC Aquarium Wave Maker

Hygger Mini DC Aquarium Wave Maker

LED display controller
Silent indoor use
Magnetic mount suction
Adjustable power
Adjustable wave mode
Mini high power circulation pump
Magnetic mount suction


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 Some Tips and Troubleshooting

1. When power head runs reversely, it means something twist around inside, you need to take the impeller out and clean it up.

2. Error code 7 means something stuck the impeller. You need to unplug it and take it apart to prod the motor fan in few circles, then restarts.

3. Too shallow water could also cause error 7. So remember to place the pump 6 inches lower than the water surface.

4. In any of the following cases, the controller will show “err”.

Case 1: The wave maker never immerse in water and is running in dry condition.
Case 2: The wave maker is not connected to the controller.
Case 3: The wave maker stuck.
Case 4: The controller or adapter is wet.
Case 5: Disassembly the controller or adapter improperly.

 Product Parameters

Model Max Flow Rate Applicable Tank Size Tank Thickness Max Power Min Power Voltage Size
HG-951-14W 1600 GPH 3-25 Gallons (<18 inches long) <0.5 inch 14 W 3W DC 12 V 1.8 x 1.8 x 2 (inch)
HG-951-20W 2600 GPH 26-55 Gallons (<23 inches long) <0.6 inch 20 W 6W DC 24 V 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.6 (inch)

 Packing List

  • DC Adapter x1
  • Mini Magnetic Power Head x1
  • LED Display Controller x1
  • User Manual x1
Question:Is this a dc or ac powerhead?
Answer:  It's a DC 12V aquarium powerhead. It comes with an adaptor, input voltage is 100-240V.

By petfocused SELLER on February 6, 2021

Question:Will it stick on 1/2 inch glass?
Answer:  This dc wave maker pump can hold on to a glass thickness up to 0.47inch, it's magnetic mounting.

By petfocused SELLER on February 4, 2021

Question:What's the wave modes of this pump?
Answer:  Hi, this wave maker pump has 4wave modes: 1-pulse wave, 2-sine wave, 3-constant speed wave, 4-random wave. Change third led digit to set the wave modes.

By petfocused SELLER on February 6, 2021

Question:What is the lowest flow for this pump?
Answer:  Hi, this is a dc Inverter wave pump, the flow can be very low when it starts and stops. When it's working, you can set the working watt range from 40%, 60%,80%,100%.

By petfocused SELLER on February 4, 2021

Question:Can the head be moved to change direction of flow?
Answer:  Hi, the head can't be moved to change direction of flow.

By petfocused SELLER on March 2, 2021


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