Hygger Aquarium Ornaments Aquarium Tree Trunk

Hygger Aquarium Ornaments Aquarium Tree Trunk

Made of resin
Unique mottled color
Openings to swim in & out
Unique 3D background design
Complement naturalistic look
Tree trunk aquarium ornament


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 Warm Tips

1. Please soak the trunk decoration for 10-15 minutes before applying to wipe off the dust and paint smell.

2. There is no need to clean the resin ornament too often. It won’t die, rot, or cause any algae problems.

 Product Parameters

Model Material Dimension Weight Applicable Tank Size
HG-910 Polyresin 6.3" x 2.5" x 2.3" 5.2 oz 1-20 Gallons

 Packing List

  • Resin Trunk Ornament x1
  • User Manual x1
Question:Do shrimp use this for hiding when the molt. Is it that small. Thinking of adding a dwarf crayfish, and I want to if he'll be safe while molting?
Answer:  The front hole measures approx 4 cm diameter. Hope it helps.

By usmagob SELLER on July 3, 2021
Question:Can a betta get stuck in this? Mine likes to go inside cholla wood and I want a safer alternative he can’t get stuck in.
Answer:  Our Betta has had no problem going through all the holes. I have it set up on a rock so he can also go under. I did use a nail file on some sharp edges but otherwise it has been a great addition to his underwater home.

By TLH on April 14, 2021
Question:Are there any sharp edges on or inside of this?
Answer:  No sharp edges on mine. I did feel inside before putting it in the tank. It’s resin, I had planned to file any sharp edges, but didn’t need too. I got it for my betta & he’s always in it peeking out the end. I’m happy with it.

By 2RDHEDZ on August 20, 2021


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