Hygger 8-Gallon Glass Aquarium Fish Tank

Hygger 8-Gallon Glass Aquarium Fish Tank

7W power 110GPH filter pump
8 gallon LED glass aquarium kit
3 LED light modes
3D rockery background decoration
Extendable and adjustable mounting brackets
Durable and ultra-transparent glass fish tank
18W colored led light with external controller


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 Quick Setup Guide

Step 1: Clean the tank and filter by clean water and towels. Do not use chemicals not intended for aquarium use.

Step 2: Place the tank on a level, sturdy, completely flat surface in your desired location. Keep it away from direct sunlight and air vents.

Step 3: Fill the tank with room temperature tap water treated with aquarium conditioner to remove chlorine.

Step 4: Rinse the power filter cartridge and assemble it, then fit the power filter into the preformed hole with the suction cups.

Step 5: Position the extendable LED light to the top of the tank properly.

Step 6: Plug in the LED light and power filter, and turn the power on.

Note: If you need to add gravel or separate decorations to your aquarium, please add them before adding water to avoid over-filling.


 Tips to Keep a Successful Aquarium

1. Keep the LED light on for a maximum of 8 hours per day.

2. Change 25% of the water once a week.

3. Keep a proper water level in order to keep the power filter working.

 Product Parameters

Fish Tank

Model Tank Materila 3D Background Material Dimension Tank Volume Max Water Volume
HG-906 Glass Resin 19" L x 11.8" W x 9.6" H
(The upper width is 8.7")
8 Gallons 6 Gallons


LED Light

Power Input Output Voltage Extendable Brackets Length
18 W AC 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz DC 12 V 0-19 inches


Internal Filter

Power Voltage Max Flow Rate Dimension (L x W x H) Lowest Water Line Cable Length
7 W 110-120 V, 60 Hz 110 GPH 2.4 x 1.6 x 6.8 (inch) 2.5 inches 4.3 Feet

 Packing List

  • Aquarium Glass Tank with 3D Background x1
  • Extendable LED Light with Controller x1
  • Internal Power Filter x1
  • User Manual x1

 Usre Manual

Usre Manual


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